Movemeant Foundation – Women Empowering Women

We are excited to join forces with a strong, like minded female focused non-profit organization who are actively making a change in the lives of girls and women.  With each purchase Hummingbird Sports gives back 10%.

Movemeant Foundation

As a non-profit organization, we teach women and girls that fitness and physical movement is essential to unlocking the values of self-confidence, resiliency, commitment, balance, and community.

Changing the Lives of Girls

Movemeant Foundation is bold in making the connection that the key to our balanced, emotionally and mentally healthy life is a strong relationship to understanding our bodies through fitness and movement.
We design impact programs that enable girls* to embody confidence and develop healthy habits so they can be successful in their future and fierce in their determination.

Changing the Lives of Women

We Dare to Bare is a celebration of women of all shapes and sizes. With partners like SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, Dogpound, 305 Fitness, Lyons Den Power Yoga, and more, we turn urban centers into a fitness playground where people come together to champion body-positivity.
As a symbol of their confidence, women are encouraged to shed their shirts and proudly wear their sports bras as they sweat it out among their body-positive community and raise funds for Movemeant’s impact programs.

About the Movemeant Foundation

We are a 501(C)3 non-profit organization committed to making fitness accessible, fun and empowering while shifting the conversation from weight loss and typical beauty ideals to that of body positivity and supporting one another.

We Believe.

We’re in the midst of an epidemic. Our young women are bombarded with images and messages that glorify perfection as thin and beautiful. In some instances, they also have inadequate education on the merits of healthy, active, nutritious living. As a result, our young women are falling short--failing to realize how extraordinary they are. Instead they focus on everything they are not.

We Envision

A world in which people are taught to love their bodies unconditionally and that physical movement is the gateway to celebrating and appreciating all that their bodies are.

We Impact

We are stepping in to lead the way towards this vision. We believe that every body is meant to move and that through movement, we can enable women and girls to find self-confidence, self-esteem and positive body image that leads to physical, emotional and mental well being for the rest of her life.

We Provide

We empower girls and women by providing them with resources, opportunities and experiences to use physical movement as a tool to build confidence and self-worth.