Leather Lacrosse Glove

Play with the best grip possible!

Professional Lacrosse Players on our Gloves

I am so excited about the launch of the CONTROL gloves. I have tried so many gloves in the past and I could not find a pair that kept me warm without sacrificing the grip on my stick. These gloves have an amazing grip, are flexible enough so I can still handle my stick in a game, and they keep me warm. I also love the added protection on the tops of fingers, because I always get hit in the hands when attackers are shooting-now getting hit in the hands will be a lot less painful!

- Megan Douty of Team USA and Co-Owner of All Lax llc

$ 39.99


Hand-Sizing Chart

Measure the circumference of your hand just below your knuckles.

Size Range Hand Circumference
X-Small 6-1/4" ~ 6-3/4"
Small 7" ~ 7-1/2"
Medium 7-1/2" ~ 8"
Large 8-1/4" ~ 8-3/4"