Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When trying to come up with a brand name we wanted to encompass everything that makes FEMALE ATHLETES special. She is strong, beautiful, agile, and unique. And so is the Hummingbird. They have the ability to move their body swiftly, change direction quickly and smoothly, seemingly gliding from one place to another. It is also one of the only birds that can actually fly backwards.

Ancient American Indian folk law states that the Hummingbird was selected to represent and symbolize their lacrosse players. Ancient ancestors made the lacrosse stick in the image of a hummingbird tail feather. The Hummingbird represents speed, accuracy and agility. All attributes that their lacrosse players desire.

We encourage girls to take pride in what makes them unique. Hummingbird sports was conceived from a desire to keep our girls safe.

As parents of athletic girls, we have enjoyed watching them play various sports over the years. We have always encouraged them to try any sport that satisfied their competitive spirit. It has helped them grow in so many ways into the strong women they are becoming. They have made lifelong friends, developed a team attitude, and kept them strong and health. Last year our daughters wanted to play lacrosse. We looked forward to watching them play such an exciting, fast-growing sport. When we attended the first practice, we were stunned to see that no one was wearing a helmet. We went home and immediately went online to purchase helmets for them. There was one problem, we couldn't find a suitable one anywhere. These girls were sent on the field with absolutely no head protection. It sounds insane, but that's what's been going on for years. Instead of being frustrated (which we were) and just pulling our girls from the game, we set out to be the first to design a lacrosse helmet just for girls. We gathered a group of passionate & determined friends & business partners who wanted to empower the female athlete and give her the same respect and recognition usually reserved for boy's. Our girls don't want boys hand-me-downs, stamped out in pink. We want sports equipment and clothing that was made for us! At Hummingbird Sports, our mission is to create a safer sporting experience while catering to female athletes and encouraging more girls to get involved in sports. Be your own hero.

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