Live in Florida and play girls’ lacrosse? Then you need a helmet!

May 25, 2017 | General News

New FHSAA regulation makes headgear mandatory for all scholastic girls’ lacrosse players

If you’re a Florida resident and play high school-level girls lacrosse, headgear is required … and there are no exceptions.

That’s because of a new Florida High School Athletic Association rule, effective in the upcoming 2018 season – practice for which starts in just eight months. During the recently concluded 2017 season, girls were permitted to compete with protection no more substantial than a padded headband. But if they haven’t done so already, players – likely with input from parents, coaches, and athletic directors – must now acquire an entirely new piece of equipment.

It’s essential to note that not just any headgear will do – and the cage-like helmets worn by boys’ lacrosse players are not acceptable. Only those helmets that meet the ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) F3137 specification are acceptable under this mandate – which is the first of its kind in the U.S.  In fact, only two helmets meet the very specific requirements to be certified for use in girls’ scholastic lacrosse in Florida. And one of these is the product from Hummingbird Sports.

“I have two daughters, and between sticks swinging and a flying around, I wouldn’t let them on the field without having their heads protected,” explains Rob Stolker, founder and owner of Hummingbird Sports. “If we’ve learned anything recently about the risks athletes face, it’s that head injuries are common and can have far reaching ramifications. That’s why we developed our helmet – to keep girls as safe as possible out on the lacrosse field.”

Hummingbird’s soft-sided helmets feature Windpact’s Crash CloudTM technology, designed specifically to reduce the impact of blows to the head. Windpact was founded by former NFL All-Pro cornerback Shawn Springs, now the company’s CEO, who is passionate about helping to protect current and future athletes.

Featuring 18 distinct cooling vents and a ponytail opening, Hummingbird’s helmets also have a removable, spin dial for a snug, comfortable fit. In addition, they work with a player’s existing goggles. Hummingbird’s helmets are adjustable, and come in three sizes – XS, S/M, and L.

Those seeking to purchase one or multiple helmets – or simply looking for more information on Hummingbird Sports – can visit or call (888) 501-1590 .

“Once the 2018 season begins in Florida, there will suddenly be thousands of girls playing the game with headgear,” Stolker adds. “My suspicion is that as soon as decision-makers in other state athletic associations take notice – along with parents and local school boards, one state after another will establish similar mandates. And by doing so, they’ll be helping to a huge number of young people from potentially serious injury.”