Growing Focus on Headgear in Women’s Lacrosse

April 4, 2017 | Press

Last October the U.S. Lacrosse Association made wearing helmets in Women’s Lacrosse optional in an effort to make the sport safer, and cut down on head injuries.

This announcement has been met by both people embracing the new safety measure, and some resisting the change. Although girls lacrosse does not allow any intentional contact, the reality is that players can still be on the receiving end of the ball, another player, or an opposing stick.

Support for standardized use of helmets in girls lacrosse is growing. With the approval of two styles of helmets by U.S. Lacrosse (one being our Hummingbird), we feel the sport is becoming safer. We’re excited at the recent news articles and growing awareness among players and fans alike at the importance of safe play.

Long Island Newsday Report

Long Island Newsday wrote an excellent article giving a good overview of the reasons behind wearing helmets in girls lacrosse.

Long Island News 12

Likewise, News 12 highlighted players in the community that are in the midst of transitioning from no-helmet gameplay to a helmet-optional environment.

We’re extremely proud to be a part of this new and much needed addition to the sport of women’s lacrosse.