Windpact's Crash Cloud™

Feel Good, Play Well

 Hummingbird Sport's headgear is equipped with this exciting technology, ensuring you can play hard while staying sharp and protected. Windpact's technology is helping us make girl's lacrosse safer.

Crash Cloud Module

Crash Cloud amplifies the benefits of protective gear by increasing the level of impact protection, without sacrificing its ability to perform, degree of comfort or sense of style.

A Sharp Focus

Crash Cloud technology is a product born out of a desire to minimize sports-related concussions and head injury.

Designed to Protect

Crash Cloud works independently and collectively as a system which automatically adjusts to manage a wide range of impact rates.

Comfort Fitting

Crash Cloud’s system-based approach empowers product designers to conceptualize and develop equipment that performs comfortably

Support Foam Pads

Paddings are designed ergonomically to provide comfort.

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Why Wearing Helmets is So Important

A group of girls, doctors, and concerned parents have put together the Brain Safety Alliance to educate and answer questions as to why proper headgear in sports is so important. They have compiled scientific studies, data and personal stories about this important cause.

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